New Portfolio

Welcome to my new Portfolio!

I’m excited to have built out this beautiful site from complete scratch. Literally. Started it about 5 months from this post date and chipped away at it day by day. The main purpose is to showcase how much I have improved since I landed my first ever Front End gig full time. I will for sure post more this time, whether it be trips I go on or concerts I go to. I also want to really start making some tutorials.

I made the move from Jekyll to Hugo so that my site would be super fast without any hiccups that I had been having with Jekyll. The syntax is a lot easier to grasp as well. I also went away from hosting with GitHub Pages and moved to Netfliy which is way better in my opinion. Instant changes upon pushing changes. Free secure cert, and fast loading.

I also built it using better Flexbox and implemented CSS Grid. Of course I used SASS as well. I will post my sweet build setup in a future post. Thanks for reading and thanks for visting. Like I said, hit me up and say hi. ๐Ÿ˜Š