Portfolio 2.0

Welcome to my Newest Portfolio!

I have finally finished my rebranded portfolio. I decided to rebrand myself and take everything I have learned over the last year and apply it here. I did a lot of studying on UI/UX Design over the last year. Sadly more than actual coding. I still code on a daily basis at my real job but not enough JavaScript as I’d like. I think it would be super beneficial for me, where I’m at right now to learn the best design practices. I keep up with the trends everyday through numererous sites like Dribbble and Reddit /r/Web_design.

I felt that this new knowledge is going to get me far in, both, my freelance and professional career. My current job is super dope in supporting me too. They paid for a few Udemy courses. My favorite so far has been Advanced CSS and SASS with Jonas. Help me understand the most modern CSS tricks in 2019 along with a way better understanding of SASS. They also provided me with a ticket to a Front-End/UX Conference in SF this April! Stayed tuned for my experience here.

Them Reds

I really really want to start blogging more about my experiences and daily life as a Web Dev. I know a lot my friends want to see as well so I am dedicating myself more to attributing to this site for everyone. I worked really hard on the redesign and rebuild. I built this site from scrath using Hugo. My first talks more about the process but I still haven’t made my theme public and don’t intend to because I want to be cool and unique.

I started this bad boy by designing on Adobe XD and then coding it out. I decided to do a slightly different design as I just messed around while coding until I was satisfied. Some of ya’ll would undertand that having your own site, you want to tweak things weekly. I also studying Color Theory more and actually researched before coming up with my new brand colors. Before I just picked my favorite colors which I don’t beleive blended well. The same for my new beautiful, Typography. I studied, researched, and found my font stack.

Hope you enjoyed a little of my design and rebrand story and stay tuned. I promise to deliver on some sick content.