Conference Trip SF 2019

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Smashing Conference 2019 Trip to SF

I have returned from the Smashing Conference in the beautiful San Francisco, CA. Bay area in the house. I want to write down some of the experiences and highlights I gathered from this great experience.

It was a two-day gathering of some of the best minds in Front End/UX Design. Being a Front End Dev, myself, this was a perfect way to get out to the Bay and learn from the best in the biz. I learned off the bat that there is currently so mixed emotion when dealing with the title of what we do in today’s standards. Example. I usually don’t use a ton of JavaScript and build anything I can with some advanced CSS magic. I also love to design things first then build. Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks reffered to this as a ‘UX Engineer’ which makes total sense. The front of ‘Front End’ and the back of ‘Front End’ being a pure JS dev or a JS framework dev. I don’t mind this role at all to be honest. I like to dabbale with JS and React but I’ll let the pro’s do that while I focus on the design, and user experience.


I learned a ton of super advanced, modern ways to build websites, pages etc. Each speaker had something unique to bring to the table and apply. The main theme was about accessability for better SEO and users who have trouble viewing sites normally. I.E the blind. I didn’t realize so much went in to making things more accesible for users but I’m glad I do now. Everything from typography, design, css variables, grid and JS were discussed and I am super excited to return to work and get started on mastering my craft of being a better UX Engineer. Yeah that’s what I’ll call myself now.