About Me


Front End Web Developer and Web Designer and heck Digital Marketer by way of the beautiful Austin, Texas.

I graduated from THE Texas State University with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and a minor in Computer Science. I decided to pursue a CJ and got my first gig out of College working for the County. I was so excited as I didn't know what the real adult work force was about. At first I loved it as I had been working part time retail for years in undergrad and finally felt what is was like making real money with benefits. I ended up working there for 3 years before deciding to pursue programming. Working the typical 8-5, sitting in traffic, feeling miserable about myself in a cublicle wasn't for me. I felt like I have always wanted to create things and programming seemed very exciting to me. A co-worker and I decided on a local Community College as the best way to get our toes wet. I loved this experience but felt the learning was too slow as I was also self teaching myself at a faster rate. I did gain knowledge in important concepts and structures needed for my future and a greatful for that experience.

I decided to accelerate my knowledge by going to a part time Coding Bootcamp here in Austin since I already had a Bachelors and was already teaching myself. After a little research I landed on Austin Coding Academy. I went after my day job and learned important concepts such as white boarding, interview prep, and peer programming. Stuff that is essential that you can't learn by self teaching.

Landed my first professional Web Dev job shortly after graduation and have been here since grinding, constantly learning, and growing. Both the company and I have grown a ton and I picked up a lot of soft skills along with a better skillset. I do believe is time once again to grow so enjoy my journey!